Swift Jet Terms & Conditions

Payment Conditions: –

  • • The above offer will be only confirmed with down payment of 30% of the trip value.
  • Full payment has to hit Swift Jet Aviation’s account prior to the departure of the flight with maximum 72Hr before the flight date.
  • • Contract Validation is subject to payment.

Operational Condition: –

  • • Offer subject to aircraft availability, parking and overflying and landing Permits, This
  • • Overflying and landing Permits are to requested at least of 48hrs lead time and according to every destination.
  • • Copy of passenger’s passports should be sent to the operator upon signing the contract.
  • • Passengers acknowledge that they will be fully liable to reimburse in solidarity the cost of repairs of any kind of damages caused by any misuse or neglect to the Equipment and tools installed in the aircraft.
  • • Price does not include ground transport, special customer catering &beverage requests, certain VIP lounges, additional services such as ground transport, meeting rooms, first parking, etc., will be charged according to the services providers invoice.
  • • Swift Jet Aviation reserves the right to appoint an aircraft with any registration to operate this flight.
  • • The aircraft Luggage Capacity is to accommodate relative to the maximum for each type.
  • • Pilot in command has the right to refuse any extra luggage for the flight safety.
  • • In case of loading a weapon onboard with Swift jet Aviation, $500 fees will be applied and the charterer must provide a copy of the license to bear arms and weapons permit.
  • • Due to The Current Global Political Outstanding’s Which Affects the Global Fuel Pricing, flight Final Pricing Is Subjected to Any Extra Fuel Cost Rendered Even After confirmation.
  • • Send Tax Registration for Companies, National ID’s for Egyptian Passengers & Passports for Foreign Passengers.
  • • Alcohol carrying or serving NOT allowed on the plane.
  • • Smoking NOT allowed on the plane.
  • • final invoice will be recalculated reference to the exceeding plannable flight time with any unforeseen changes.

Cancellation fees in case of Withdrawal / Termination/Cancellation: –

  • • 15 % of the total charter Price is non-refundable in case of cancellation after the confirmation (Upon Signing).
  • • 30 % of the total charter Price is non-refundable in case of cancellation after the confirmation (Less Than 48 hours’ notice).
  • • 50 % of the total charter price is non-refundable in case of

cancellation after the confirmation (Less Than 24 Hours’ notice).

  • • 100 % of the total charter price is non-refundable in case of

cancellation after the confirmation (Less Than 4 Hours’ notice).

  • • In case one passenger was COVID-19 positive, the flight will be

canceled with no extra charge.

  • • In case of client cancellation with (Online/POS payment method);

transfer fees will be imposed.

  • Swift Jet does not bear any financial or administrative responsibility in the event of its flight being canceled due to any external circumstance related to the operator and without giving any reasons.

Itinerary Modification: –

  • • Any timing changes ( 48 hrs.) before the departure set time for only two times with notice, and any extra fees (ground handling – permits) will be applied due to this changes.

Demurrage: –

  • • In case of a delay prior notice from the client (Four hours or less before the takeoff) via email or any other means, this condition will not be applied without Swift jet Aviation confirmation.
  • • In case of PAX delay for more than 45min, additional fees will be applied starting from the 2nd delay hour as follow; USD 1000 for international hour & USD 500 for domestic hour /OR Swift jet Aviation has the right to cancel the flight according to the cancellation policy.

Confirmation: –

Invoice Receipt Payment is considered as Air Charter Booking terms of Confirmation as mentioned above.

Delegation: –

In the case of authorizing a person/s other than the passengers in payment matters, a delegation letter to be signed from the client side by the name of the delegated person/s.