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Experience Egypt's wonders in unparalleled style aboard our meticulously maintained Zlin aircraft or opt for the exhilarating adventure of our helicopters.


Embark on a logistics journey like never before with Swift Jet's Cargo Services, where precision and reliability converge to redefine cargo transportation.

Medical Evacuation

In times of critical need, Swift Jet's Medical evacuationĀ  service stands as a beacon of swift and compassionate response. A medical flight isn't just a journey; it's a lifeline for those requiring urgent medical care during transportation to or from a medical facility.

Aerial Advertising

Elevate your brand visibility with Swift Jet's Aerial Advertising service. Our helicopters take your message to the skies.

Almaza VIP Terminal

Swift Jet's Almaza VIP Terminal elevates the private jet experience with exclusive departure and arrival services. Enjoy unparalleled privacy compared to Cairo Airport Hall 4, facilitated by the strategic location on the main road,

Commercial Flight

Experience a distinctive blend of efficiency and comfort as you explore Egypt's captivating destinations with Swift Jet's Commercial Flight service.

Empty Legs

You may find below list of flights that our aircraft could potentially fly empty, so we can offer them at a discounted price. Of course, even in this case, you will receive full service in the highest quality. Using this option is both economical and ecological.

Privet Jets

Discover the epitome of opulence and refinement as you embark on an exclusive journey with Swift Jet's Private Jet service.