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In times of critical need, Swift Jet's Medical Evacuation service stands as a beacon of swift and compassionate response. A medical flight isn't just a journey; it's a lifeline for those requiring urgent medical care during transportation to or from a medical facility. Our dedicated fleet, featuring the Cessna Citation 680, Beechcraft, and a squadron of helicopters including AW109, AW139, and Gazelle, is meticulously equipped to provide a rapid and secure medical response. Imagine a scenario where every second counts – Swift Jet's MedEvac ensures that urgent medical evacuation is not just a service but a commitment to timely and reliable transport. Our aircraft are not just machines; they are sanctuaries of hope, staffed with proficient medical professionals and equipped with state-of-the-art portable medical gear. Trust us to navigate through the complexities of critical situations, delivering not just transportation but reassurance and support during these crucial moments. Whether within countries or across continents, our MedEvac flights, in collaboration with Air Ambulance Worldwide, are accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. From coordinating with local medical transportation services to ensuring a seamless transition from the hospital to the airport, Swift Jet's MedEvac service is a testament to our unwavering dedication to life-saving assistance. When it comes to urgent medical response, choose more than a flight; choose Swift Jet – where compassion takes flight.

Medical Evacuation

In Numbers

700 +

Types of Aircrafts

550 +


800 +

Flaying Hours

20 +


medical evacuation


Cessna Citation 680
Helicopter (AW109)
Helicopter (AW139)​

Medical Evacuation

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