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Experience a distinctive blend of efficiency and comfort as you explore Egypt's captivating destinations with Swift Jet's Commercial Flight service. From the tranquil oasis of Siwa to the pristine beaches of Ras Banas, the historical richness of Luxor, the serene oasis of Kharga, the monumental wonders of Abu Simbel, the vibrant allure of Hurghada, the spiritual ambiance of Saint Catherine, and the sacred city of Makkah, Swift Jet's commitment to excellence ensures every moment of your journey is enjoyable. Punctuality, reliability, and attentive service are our hallmarks. Our Commercial Flights utilize a sophisticated fleet, including the versatile C295 Casa, the reliable Beechcraft, and the efficient ATR72-600, Dash8-Q300, and CRJ900 NextGen. We provide not just transportation but a memorable adventure, seamlessly connecting you to extraordinary destinations across the region.


How far you can fly with us?

Our commitment to redefining travel extends far beyond horizons, encompassing an extensive network of regional, national, and international destinations. From the enchanting landscapes of Siwa to the bustling energy of Luxor, and reaching across borders to the cosmopolitan allure of Europe and the scenic beauty of Africa, Swift Jet unlocks a world of possibilities.

What sets us apart is not just the breadth of our destinations but the exclusive partnerships and alliances that enrich our service network. Through these collaborations, we seamlessly connect you to a tapestry of destinations with precision, ensuring each flight is a testament to the power of expansive travel. With Swift Jet, the sky is not the limit; it’s the beginning of a journey that knows no bounds.

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Siwa Oasis

Ras Banas


Red Sea

abu simbel

El Kharga

Commercial Flight

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2500 +


5000 +

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15000 +

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Commercial Flight


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